Sunday, September 20, 2009

Featured Etsy Seller Number One

I have decide to feature an etsy seller here on this blog twice a week. If you want to be featured just leave a comment with your etsy ural and I will convo you.

Are first featured seller is Here is my interveiw with her.

My name is Carlene and I run my preppy, nautically themed shop Grayson Saige. I am originally from Northern Virginia but I am attending college at James Madison University. I started my shop in my dorm last year with just a hand full of markers and a sketch pad. I had the energy and the drive to make it happen and I'm so glad I did.
I am a member of the Young Etsy team and a part time crafter, full time student.
I can be found on Etsy at and twitter at

My shop has been open since April of this last year and I am enjoying spending much of my free time on Etsy. I promote my store by handing out business cards (pink and green ones of course!), twitter, participating in Etsy forums, and giving my items as gifts.

I don't have a favorite item in my shop because I love both of these items and could never decide between them. The goldshell with pearl is a great gift for a friend!

My favorite other seller is Annechovie. Her shop is AMAZING! I love her style. You must go see it:
What I would really love to learn to do next is needle point. Hmm...perhaps on holiday break.

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S M said...

I have both these shops and would love to do seperate features. I can do a giveaway for both shops.