Friday, May 22, 2009

I started work on my garden! Mostly flowers for now, but will get veggies in later. I found lots of plants at lowes for $.10 ! Sooo... that means I bought way to many and can't find places to plant them. I still have seven snapdragons left and don't have any place with full sun without going into the vegetable space I'm saving. Such a demelma. I'll have to make a new flower bed...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Schools out!!! No more being tied down by classes when I would rather be making jewelry. Now with the empty time slots in my life I can begin working on my garden. It is a complete disaster area. I never tore out plants from last year so there are dead plants sticking up out of the ground making it look more like a gardens grave yard than a garden that's asleep. Well better go and work on that now will the sun is still relatively low in the sky.
Oh before I go I want to mentionn that my cousins wedding was on Saturday and it was beautiful.