Sunday, September 20, 2009

Featured Etsy Seller Number One

I have decide to feature an etsy seller here on this blog twice a week. If you want to be featured just leave a comment with your etsy ural and I will convo you.

Are first featured seller is Here is my interveiw with her.

My name is Carlene and I run my preppy, nautically themed shop Grayson Saige. I am originally from Northern Virginia but I am attending college at James Madison University. I started my shop in my dorm last year with just a hand full of markers and a sketch pad. I had the energy and the drive to make it happen and I'm so glad I did.
I am a member of the Young Etsy team and a part time crafter, full time student.
I can be found on Etsy at and twitter at

My shop has been open since April of this last year and I am enjoying spending much of my free time on Etsy. I promote my store by handing out business cards (pink and green ones of course!), twitter, participating in Etsy forums, and giving my items as gifts.

I don't have a favorite item in my shop because I love both of these items and could never decide between them. The goldshell with pearl is a great gift for a friend!

My favorite other seller is Annechovie. Her shop is AMAZING! I love her style. You must go see it:
What I would really love to learn to do next is needle point. Hmm...perhaps on holiday break.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bad me. I forgot about my blog!
Note to self: Remember to blog!!!

I had a booth at a craft show September 5th and 6th. The Toronto Festival of the Arts. It went great and I think I will do it again next year.
Also coming up I'm doing another craft show on October 3rd. It is held at Fransican University of Stubenville and is called The St. Fransic Fest. It is a part of parents weekend. I have done it in years past and it is always a great festival.
I've been listing daily for the last couple of days and hope to keep up the habit. I have seen a big increase in veiws and hearts since I start listing. The forum post "Let me tell you 95% of your problem" is what got me started. If you want to read the post here is the link: .

I figured out great photos! I wrote a forum post on it but I will recopy it here:

How to take Great Photos with out any equipment expect for a camara (I used one that now sells for $20. I got it last year when its price was $100.) & a piece of white paper.

All I do is go outside with a blank white sheet of paper with one end folded up a right angle. I shade the direct sun light of with my shadow and take pictures with micro close up turned on. Then I upload to the computer and up the brightness and contrast. They turn out great and the colors don't change when I get the right balance of brightness and contrast. Some examples:
Not all of my photos are retaken yet but some are. I'm going to do the rest when I have extra time.

Well that is all for now. Watch for next weeks post.